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“Duran Duran + Tame Impala + The Weeknd = Yachtclub101. Utterly irresistible.” - Pop Matters

YACHTCLUB101 is the music of Scott Ayers, long time Bay Area musician (Applesaucer, The Lovemakers). With YACHTCLUB101 he brings his unique blend of pop, rock and synth based beats to the forefront more than ever before.


Twenty-four years ago, Scott moved across the country from Vermont to follow his dream of making music his career. Since then, he's written, produced, and recorded countless albums on which he plays every instrument. One of his greatest accomplishments is the band he started—The Lovemakers. In 2004, they signed to Interscope Records and went on to create several hit songs and sell out venues consistently nationwide. 

Scott has been writing, recording, and producing records since he was fourteen years old; music is undoubtedly his greatest passion in life. He has experience performing, writing, producing, managing, and touring. Scott has done everything from DIY promotion to releasing multi-million dollar major label albums, as well as consulted music, tech, and social media startups.